Vyskinia (b. 133EOM, d. 212) was the founder of the kingdom of Kaerlendra, and the drafter of the Carta Regina- the document that establishes the rules of leadership.

Early Life

Born in Spinemeet, Viridia in the year 133 EOM to wealthy noble parents, Vyskinia’s early life was one of lavish comfort. They had a sizable house within the city center with 4 other children, and she was educated by the finest of tutors.

Like many noble daughters, she sepnt her teen years in religious service, under the tutelage of the ladies of the temple to Valkia in Kingston.

Life Changing Events

Vyskinia returned to Spinemeet and the home of her parents when she completed her obligation of service.

Three years later, soldiers returning from skirmishes near occupied Eastport raped and beat a young serving girl in service to her house. Enraged by this crime and the lack of justice (the perpetrators simply left town and returned to the front), she vowed herself into service of Valkia once more.

Using her portion of inheritance, she turned the small shrine to Valkia in Spinmeet into a sizable temple and began to recruit more sisters into the priesthood. She also began to offer free arms training to young women in Spinemeet. She spent the next 40 years at that temple, taking a vow of celibacy.

The Move to Kaerlendra

Feeling that her work in Spinemeet was complete, Vyskinia began to dream a bit bigger in her old age. In 195, at the age of 62, she took a group of priestesses to Kaerlendra and founded her kingdom there.

As more people moved to the new city of Jacedel near the monastery she built there, in 198 she drafted the Carta Regina- formally founding her kingdom there and setting forth the rules of ascension for the Regency and vesting her authority into that office.

She ruled as regent until her death at the age of 79, having firmly established the matriarchal and theocratic rule of the island that lasts until this day.

Modern Rememberance

Currently, the 4th day of Brightmoon each year is Founder’s Day in Kaerlendra. A bronze statue of the Iron Queen as she is known lies in from of the regency palace.

The temple of Valkia in Spinemeet also celebrates this day as Queensday. It is also the day that new women volunteers for the church of Valkia take their oaths.


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