Sring is the easternmost province of Aria. It is centered around the coastal city of the same name, located to the south of the ellvish land of Siringdell. With a population of 35,000 it is the smallest of the three human provinces.


  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Governance
  4. Economy


Sring was founded in 2910 when Stron founded the fishing town of Sring on Aria’s east coast following the Elfwar Exodus. Many of the settlers that had fled Viridia were fisherman who were accustomed to fishing for sea bass and tuna in the cold waters near Viridia’s south coast, and these men flocked to the plentiful waters of Aria’s east coast. The small fishing town soon grew to become a decent sized city, and farms began to spread out into the surrounding lands


The fishing port city of Sring is the center of this province, and it lies on the northern coast of a cape. The city covers an area of 9 square miles, with a population of around 25,000. The remaining 10,000 citizens of Sring are spread around the surrounding farmland. A lighthouse was built on the eastern tip of the peninsula in 2917.

A small mountain range lies to the southwest of the city. This hilly area has dry, rocky soil ill suited for farming. The ruins of what was once a sizable dwarven city are beneath these mountains, though monstrous creatures fill the ancient tunnels. Rumor has it that the tombs of old dwarf kings were abandoned here, though no one knows whether the treasure still lies inside.


Sring is currently under the power of a hereditary governorship, and the post is currently held by Lord Stron.

A council of elders meets biweekly and by the governor’s demand. The council is appointed by the governor, and has no power to override the Governor’s decree. In the case that a Governor dies or becomes unable to rule, and has no heir, the council is tasked with choosing a new Governor.


Fishing is the largest portion of Sring’s economy, making up 70% of the province GDP. The shallow waters of the surrounding bay prevent large shipping vessels from accessing the harbor in Sring, preventing the port from overtaking Narwington as a major shipping center. The dryer air on the eastern coast of Aria allows for cultivating crops that are unique to the island, such as olives and grapes.


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