Riutta is a Sea Elf settlement located on a coral reef to the northeast of Kaerlendra. with a population of 29,000 it is the largest near-surface sea elf settlement.


Riutta was first settled by sea elves around 1000 EOE. Th settlers had moved in from cities in the deep ocean to fish the plentiful water of the reef. The population has grown at a slow but steady pace since.

The Riuttani at first stayed separate from the human kingdoms nearby, but since the 7th century EOM and the establishment of the embassy a diplomatic partnership between them has flowered.


Like most Sea Elf settlements, Riutta is ruled by a heritary monarchy. The current ruler is Lord Hákarl IV. The ambassador to Kaerlendra is Ritari, she maintains a residnce and office within the embassy in Jacedel.


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