Pirate Town is a settlement on the southwestern coast of Kaerlendra.

Founded in the 5th century EOM Pirate Town consists of a small harbor and a town of around 10,000 residents. Most of the residents are either pirates or ex-pirates who live there as part of a treaty with the regent in Jacedel. Pirate Town and it’s surroundings remain independent provided they do not attack vessels coming into or out of Jacedel or Misenum.

Pirate Town also includes a cluster of sugar cane plantations, and the largest rum distillery on Erdea. The Westbeach Compnay owns the plantations, sugar making operation, and rum making operation.

Admiral Gerald Byron Scott IV is currently governor of pirate town and its surrounding areas, though this position is largely unofficial and temporary. Whenever an Admiral becomes more powerful than the current governor there is usually a coup.


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