Erdea has a small group of gods that dominate the religious lives of its denizens. There are many other smaller powers an demigods that are listed here, but these constitute the major religions of the world.

Good Natured Gods

  • Solculus Father of the Gods. Lawful Good god of the sun.
  • Valkia The Sheildmaiden. Neutral Good goddess of Protection.
  • Iascari The Fisherman. Chaotic Good god of luck and fishing.
  • Chaerlenda The Small Jolly Lady. Neutral good goddess of the poor and farmers.

Neutral Gods

  • Aigean The Wrathful. Chaotic Neutral god of the war and the sea.
  • Etsijä The Huntress. Lawful Neutral goddess of nature and the hunt.
  • Ieolas The All Seeing. Neutral god of knowledge and magic.

Evil Gods

  • Iracundia The Dark Lady. Lawful Evil goddess of shadows, death and evil.

Creation Story

In the beginning of Erdea The world was a shapeless form. Solculus watched over the new world from his palace on the Sun, while his sister Iracundia watched the dark side of the planet from her fortress on the moon Kuu.

Solculus reached into the primordial soup of the sun baked world and formed Valkia and Chaerlenda. He set their task to make Erdea into a world fit for beings in their image. He gave them the gift of the elements of Air, Fire, Light, and Life.

Iracundia saw her brother’s act and became jealous. She reached into the darkness of night and formed Aigean and Etsijä. She gave them the elements of Earth, Water, and Shadow.

Instead of doing battle as the Dark Lady had hoped, the four younger gods joined together and created the Ancients from the 7 elements, and then began the task of forming Erdea into its current shape. The four gods and the Ancients worked together to make the continents, and oceans, and all the animals of Erdea.

Iracundia’s jealousy turned to rage. She left her palace on Kuu and stalked Erdea, creating monsters to attack these new animals. She made dragons and imbued them with deadly intelligence and godlike power. The new world below began to sour.

For thousands of years the 4 gods and the Ancients together fought the Dark Lady’s creations, until they could take no more. Etsijä joined together the magic of the fey and the tender soil of the forest and created Elves. Etsijä taught the elves to hunt these new creatures, and Valkia taught them to make weapons from stone and ore. The elves pushed back the monsters to the outskirts of the world, and made things safe for all.

In this newly safe world Valkia created the Dwarves and Chaerlenda created the halflings, and they cultivated the earth and mined the mountains.

Iracundia saw this and became insane with rage. She stole a tribe of elves and broke them, wrenching them into horrible forms and filling their hearts with hate for all that is good. She called them orcs and taught them the ways of war, and she sent them after the elves, dwarves, and halflings.

The orcs were too many, and threatened the stability of the entire world. The dwarves fought valiantly, but would not leave their mountain homes. The elves were great fighters, but were too few to stand against the fast breeding orcs. The halflings were courageous above all the others, but their small size kept them from beating back the orcs.

Aigean took notice, and built his own people. From the mud of the sea he built man, and he made them strong, brave, and short lived. He took the seed of desire and stoked it hot in the heart of these first men, and the men proved the answer to the problem. They kept the orcs at bay, but also eventually made war on nearly everything else.

Seeing that she could no longer stand against the might and knowledge of the Four, Iracundia retreated to Kuu. Seeing the palace that her children had build for themselves on her moon, she smote the piece of Kuu on which it stood, and sent it away, creating Pienku where Aigean and Etsijä dwell to this day.

Iracundia instead decided to focus her efforts on corrupting the minds of these new peoples.


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