Misenum is the largest city in Kaerlendra, and the sister city to the far wealthier Jacedel. Its 80,000 people are the economic engine of Kaerlendra’s service economy. While populated by largely middle and lower class citizens of Kaerlendra, it is still one of the wealthiest cities on Erdea.


Misenum was founded by decree of the regent Violette in 304EOM. A massive land grab follwed her decree, and the population of the island shifted heavily across the bridge to the new city. Since that time the city has blossomed to a large center of trade and tourism.


Like the rest of Kaerlendra, Misenum is under the control of the regent in Jacedel, but it is mainly under the control of the appointed city manager. The current city manager Javier has been in charge for 30 years now, appointed near the beginning of regent Rosa’s reign.

The city itself is much less organized than many large cities, and its sprawl in massive. The farming areas surrounding the city are under Misenum’s control.


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