Wise eye
Titles The All-Seeing, The Wise
Adjective Ieolan
Home Wandering the Material Plane
Portfolio Knowledge, Magic, Music, Travel
Worshippers Wizards, Beaurocrats, Travelers, Bards
Alignment Neutral
Domains Magic, Travel, Knowledge, Trickery, Charm, Rune, Artifice
Favored Weapon Rapier

Ieloas is the Neutral god of Knowledge, Music and Magic.


Ieolas was born a mortal creature in the era of the Ancients, and was so struck by the beauty of Erdea that he dedicated his life to seeing and learning as much as he could. He traveled every continent in his long life and wrote songs and poetry for the places that sparked his imagination. It was this music, and Ieolas’s talent for magic, that inspired Solculus to elevate the bard’s status to that of a new god.

When the new races were formed by the four gods of creation Ieolas taught them of music and magic, and inspired many to search for great knowledge.


The gods were initially wary of a new immortal brother, but Ieloas soothed their worry wiith his charms, and provided gifts to their children. He still wanders the surface of Erdea, but mostly keeps his hands out of the affairs of mortals.

Appearance and Emissaries

Ieoloas appears in many forms, but his usual avatar is an attractive middle aged man with salt and pepper hair and a well-groomed beard. He carries with him a simple lute, and wears a rapier on the hip of his ornate traveling clothes. He has been known to appear as a beggar, or even as animals, epsecially when performing a trick or prank.

Occassionally Ieolas has been know to take a mortal creature under his wing and use him or her to spread knowledge. This creature is usually known as the Voice, although no one knows for sure who in the history of Erdea has actually served as the Voice.

Church of Ieolas

There is no organized Ieolan church, though he does have his followers throughout Erdea. Libraries usually have a small shrine dedicated to Ieolas, and bards are known to invoke his name in a brief prayer before a performance.

Worshippers and Clergy

Clerics of Ieolas wear grey robes, and tend to spend their lives traveling from library to library, or archaeological site to hitorical marker. They tend not to intervene in most manners, as the Ieolan philosophy is to let fate decide for itself. Followers are encouraged to follow their own conscience, and as long as an act does not interfere with the rights of others nothing is forbidden.

Holy Texts

Ieolas has sprinkled hundreds of writings all over Erdea, most often poems or works of philosphy. It is a goal of some followers to read as many of these as possible, but as they continue to appear it is unlikely anyone can read them all.


The first day of the new year is dedicated to Ieolas, and people spend the day reflecting on the past year’s lessons.


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