Titles The Kind Old Man, Lord Luck
Adjective Iascarish
Home Wandering the Material Plane
Portfolio Good, Fishing, Luck
Worshippers Fishermen, Sailors, Merchants, Brewers, Gamblers
Alignment Chaotic Good
Domains Good, Chaos, Water, Luck, Animal, Weather
Favored Weapon Warhook

Iascari is the Chaotic Good god of Fishing and Luck.


Iascari was born a mortal man in the dawn of the age of men, and made his living fishing from the cold mountain rivers of Viridiaand brewing mead from the honey he cultivated in the forest. He was such a kind hearted old soul, and was so beloved by the men of his village that Solculus saw fit to elevate him to the status of a god.


Some of the gods saw this elevation as an insult, especially Iracundia and Aigean. To this day the relationship between the two water gods is tense. Some think that the transformation drove Iascari slightly mad, while others contend that he was likely senile when the Sun God lifted him to immortal status. Either way, his seemingly random acts and unstable behavior can be a cause of friction with the more orderly gods.

Appearance and Emissaries

Iascari appears much as he did in life, a scrawny old man with a long white beard and a wild shock of grey hair on his head. He wears brown robes with a teal sash, and usually carries a brown sack full of treasures and treats he will give to unsuspecting mortals. He also carries with him a simple yew fishing pole, and a carved wooden mug that is eternally full of mead.

As his home is the material plane, Iascari need not send others to do his work.

Church of Isacari

Temples to Iascari are rare, as Lord Luck looks down on such formality. Only settlements that depend on fishing tend to make lrage scale worship of him a priority.

Breweries and houses of gambling often will hang a net over their doorway to ask for Iascari’s blessing.

There is one pilgrimage site in Iascarish worship, as his original home in Viridia still stands, mostly ruined now but still visited. Pilgrims usually pour mead onto the ground here, and legend has it that the mead poured here fills the Old Man’s mug.

Worshippers and Clergy

Iascarish clerics are a strange breed. Many are called to service directly by a meeting with the Old Man himself. Others feel the call on their own. With so little in the way of organized church heirarchy, clerics tend to travel constantly as their god does, leaving behind Iascari’s blessing as they go.

Iascarish clerics are often drinking, as mead is considered a holy beverage among them (ale or wine are also seldom turned down). They also tend to be bold and courageous fighters for good, never shying away from combat when it is needed. Iascarish clerics who meet on the road will often end up in a friendly brawl or wrestling match, later followed by drink and songs to celebrate their good fortune.

Holy Texts

Iascarish worship has one holy text, a short one by most standards. It is a poem on fishing and drink called “An Aftertoon Wasted”, and it is the only surviving writing that Iascari left when he left the mortal life.


There are no caldendar days dedicated to Iascari, though some Erdean communities hold festivals in his honor during salmon runs. Nearly all of these towns have a story where they swear Lord Luck was in attendance.


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