Druin is a country in the upper northwest of the North Continent. It is the only major territory on Erdea ruled by the dwarves, and is said to be the spot where the dwarves first emerged from beneath the ground.


The large majority of Druish citizens live within the Great Undermountain- a sprawlign system of caverns, mines, and manufactured underground chambers that stretches all over the Siar mountains.

Doras Mór is the entry cavern, with a stone doorway 70 feet tall and nearly as wide. Covered with dwarf runes and relief sculptures, the doorway can be shut with massive iron gates in time of war, but has not been sealed since the time of the first war. Being a center of trade with nearby Hannede and Lias, Doras Mór is the largest city in the Undermountain at nearly 100,000 dwarves and topsiders.

Bolcán Bhrionnú is a massive lake of magma where the most powerful weapons and magic items of the dwarves are forged. Near the northern tip of the Siar and miles underground it has been seen by very few aside from the ancient smiths that work it.

Scoil Dún is a fortress built half underground and half on the west cliffs overlooking the sea. The headquarters of the war against the creatures of the dark, this is where the finest and stoutest of the dwarf warriors go to train.

The Earthenhall near the eastern edge of the Siar is the center of dwarven worship of Valkia.

Rift Town is the only Druish town outside the Siar mountains. Populated by men as well as dwarves, it is the site of an ancient tunnel that connects Druin to Turuk. There is also a large complex of iron and silver mines in the nearby rift.


It is written in the dwarvish histories that Valkia the Dwarfmother, Mistress of the Forge first created the dwarves from living stone under the Siar mountains when the world was still young. The elves had pushed back the Dark Lady’s monsters from the surface world, but many had merely retreated to the shadowy places underground.

The Shieldmaiden showed them how to work the forge, how to mine for ore, and how to fight- and they began to clear a place under the mountain for themselves to live. They stayed in this place for a time – Teallaigh, the ancestral home, the warm place – but once the Dark Lady set her orcs upon the world they prepared for war. Scoil Dún was built and scores of warriors trained and equipped.

Ollphéist – the great grey Orc-King of the north had rolled through what is now Hannede and burned what he found of the elven villages there. The halfings fled east to the plains. Finding no real opposition to his massive army he turned his burning hate on the dwarves. Streaming in the great door the dwarves fought wave after wave of orcs. Ollphéist tried to lure them out of the more secure caverns but the dwarves swore to never leave their mountain. For a century they struggled, gaining and losing territory under the Siar. On the 101st year of the war, what remained of the largest dwarf army was cornered in the cavern that would become the Earthenhall. Roarie Élivgar, a dwarf said to be particularly blessed by Valkia led a charge and broke the orcish lines. Finding Ollphéist, he challenged him. They two fought for nearly an hour as the battle raged on- but finally Roarie smote the grey King with the great shield Sciaballa, crushing his skull. Seeing the day was lost, the remaining orcs retreated to some deep dark place under the mountain.

Scarred by this war the dwarves became paranoid and reclusive. They sealed the mountain’s gates at Doras Mór and stayed hidden.

For 500 years Druin was sealed, until High King Andvare ordered the doors open, and trade with the outside world began anew.

Economy and Demographics

Nearly 1/4 million dwarves make their home under the Siar mountains.

The economy of the dwarves is based mainly on mining and smithing. The dwarves make metal goods and trade these for things they need or for gold and jewels.

Religiously, the nation is mostly devoted to Valkia.

Politically the country is a monarchy, with a hereditary High King who rules from Ard-Mhéara near the highest peak of the Siar. The noble families of the dwarfs have much respect and influence in dwarf society- but the word of the High King is law.


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