Titles The Jolly Lady, She Who Feeds Us
Adjective Chaerlendan
Home The House of Plenty, Elysium
Portfolio Good, Earth, Halflings
Worshippers Halflings, Farmers, Cooks, the Poor
Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Good, Earth, Protection, Community, Liberation, Repose
Favored Weapon Sling

Chaerlenda is the Neutral Good goddess of Plenty. She is the creator of farming and cooking and formed the halflings from the earth in the early days of the world.


Chaerlenda was created from the primordial soup by Solculus in the dawn of the world and was set to the task of creation. She commanded the Fire and Earth elementals in the time of the Ancients, and in the first peace caused by the advent of the Elves she created the Halflings and taught them to cultivate the land.


Chaerlenda is the daughter/creation of Solculus, and the sister of Valkia. She is a kind hearted goddess, and her love for the peoples of Erdea goes beyond that of the other gods. She has always opposed going to war, save when it is absolutely necessary to protect her creations.

Appearance and Emissaries

Chaerlnda appears as a short, stout woman with curly chestnut hair. She wears a long orange dress with a brown leather apron.

She seldom sends emissaries, preferring to work with her own hands,but when she does they tend to be in the form of farm animals endowed with her spirit.

Church of Chaerlenda

Chaerlenda is revered by Halflings all over Erdea, and by all those who work the land or depend on the kindness of others. Almost every village has at least a shrine to the Jolly Lady, and her temples are often the target of charitable giving, as they supply food and shelter to any who ask. Farmers will often donate a portion of their harvests to their local temple, and on most hearths there is a sprig of daisies to honor her.

The holiest site in Chaerlendan worship is the Great Feasthall in Hannede. Many particularly religious halflings make a pilgrimage to this site during their lives.

Worshippers and Clergy

Chaerlendan clerics are sworn to help anyone who asks. They spend their lives in self imposed poverty, giving all of their time and effort to those less fortunate. Chaerlendan paladins are rare, and may focus on weeding out those who would prey on the weak. Chaerlendan clergy are usually called upon to bless farms and gardens during times of planting.

Chaerlendan clergy who travel are more rare, and usually feel a calling to help anyone they meet who are in need.

Holy Texts

Chaerelendan worship has two holy texts, The Almanac of Plenty (which contains advice and rituals for cultivation of the land) and the Codex of Charity (which contains her commandments to the clergy). The Almanac of Plenty is the most widely seen text in all of Erdea.


Towns and villages usually have holidays dedicated to She Who Feeds druing the Planting and Harvest seasons. In addition, the first day of each month extended farmer families tend to meet in a large meal that is in Chaerlenda’s name.


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