Titles The Deep One
Adjective Aigeic
Home The Coral Castle, Plane of Water
Portfolio War, The Ocean, Sailing
Worshippers Soldiers, Sailors
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Domains Strength, Chaos, Water, War, Weather, Madness
Favored Weapon Bastard Sword

Aigean is the Chaotic Neutral god of War and the Sea.


Aigean was created by Iracundia and tasked with opposing Valkia and Chaerlenda, but he rebelled agaisnt his creator and helped with creating Erdea. He commanded the water elementals in the time of the Ancients, and created men and taught them the arts of war.


A brooding and angry force, Aigean has a strained relationship with the other gods, especially Iascari whose rise to the ranks of the immortal he resents. Among the gods only he has any sympathy for his mother, which manifests itself in the tides.

Appearance and Emissaries

Aigean appears as a giant, brawny man with long black hair and a thick black beard. His deep blue eyes glow brightly, and he usually wears armor made from the hardened hide of whales and sharks. He carries his enormous bastard sword the Blade of Storms.

His emmissaries are often water elementals, or sea creatures imbued with a portion of his spirit.

Church of Aigean

Temples to Aigean are relatively common, and are usually large and ornate. Sailors and Soldiers often keep medallions with a blue sphere for luck, and will usually make offerings in the Aigean temple before leaving on a voyage or military campaign.

Aigean is a god not so much revered as he is feared. The people of erdea worship Aigean to keep his wrath away from their daily lives.

The main pilgrimage site for followers of the Deep One is the Temple of the Reef, off the coast of Xish, a temple that is half submerged in water and built upon a vast coral reef.

Worshippers and Clergy

Aigeic priests are solemn and quiet. They tend to see their service as sacrificial- they serve the Deep One so that the world may be spared his wrath.

Aigeic clerics are often found as part of military units, or even adventuring to improve their combat prowess. Every cleric is expected to able to hold his own in combat, and elder clerics who become too frail to fight are forcefully retired.

Holy Texts

Aigeic worship includes dozens of large texts and manuals, usually combined into the 48 volume Codices of the Depths. The ever changing chaotic nature of the ocean means that clerics of the Aigean must always be prepared for the proper hymn or ceremony. To this end they have become somewhat adept at predicting the weather, a service they are known to provide.


The first day of Deepwinter is the Waterday, a one day celebration of the blessings that water can bring. In keeping with Aigeic reverance it is a solem occasion, with much reflection and prayer.


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