Tulva is the easternmost city of Maraph, and the center of a famous wine and food culture that has spread to the more metropolitan cities of Erdea


Tulva was founded 1990 EOM by a group of farmers and wine makers who wanted a place to consolidate their businesses in the region.

The founding was originally largely ignored by the noble council, until the population began to grow. The nearby house Näipolia soon took over governance, and began to spend almost their entire family wealth constructing an ornate city on top of the Länsi river.

As the farmers began to perfect their techniques in olive and grape growth in the dry soil of the region, the elves capitalized on the large supply to create a massive business in wine and oil making- eventually restoring House Näipolia to their former wealth and glory.


The city is built on the wide section of the Länsi river where several headwaters meet before the river begins its south-west run. The river is 1/4 mile wide here, and many of the city’s buildings are built on the water via stilts here, and a series of bridges link the two sides.

The buildings are often made of a reddish white stone that is commonly quarried by the nearby dwarves in the mountains. Most strikingly is the 70 foot tall Näipolia tower that is set into the foothills overlooking the city.


The city is ruled by the Patron of House Näipolia, currently named Avido.

Demographics and Economy

The city has reached a population of around 15,000, though the surrounding areas contain a larger populace. The population is mostly human and dwarvish, with elves making up only around 1/10th the total population.

The economy is still mostly agricultural, though the food, wine, and beauty of the city give it more draw for visitors than most parts of Maraph.


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