Niemeke is the smallest and westernmost city of Maraph, located on the cape.


Niemeke was founded in 2224 EOM by a group of human lobstermen and fishing boat captains.
As the youngest city in Maraph, and having such a low population, the city has yet to be annexed by an elvish noble house.


The city lies on the very western edge of the cape. It is made of many low, wooden buildings and has very little in the way of amenities for travelers. A series of dozens of docks line the small but protected harbor- packed full of lobster and fishing boats.


The city is currently run by an elected governor. Only boat owners may vote in the annual election. The current governor is Soldado Lagosta.

Demographics and Economy

The city has a population of around 2,000, around 85% human.

The economy is almost entirely based on fishing, the harsher weather on the tip of the cape discourages immigration to the area.


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