Nephria is a large country on the Great North Continent straddling the equator. It is most well known for its desert environment, and for having the largest city on Erdea, the Nephropolis.


The western coast of Nephria is a fertile crescent of land stretching from the eastern bank of the Lian River to the southern edge of the Dustwall Mountains. The massive Gulf of Neph is fed by the Red River, and the Nephropolis lies atop the waterwall where it empties.

Further south on the fertile crescent is the smaller town of Disifin, home of smugglers and the massive salt flats.

To the east of the Nephropolis are the ancient Dustwall Mountains, surrounded by wind whipped badlands. The Red River carved a gread canyon through the Dustwall, and it is through this canyon that the Great White Wastes can be reached.

The wastes are a massive desert, alone their territory would be the largest nation on Erdea. The rocky desert has several settlements that trade with the Nephropolis, but beyond the remote Kheled Ramman are the wastes from which none return. Nearly half of the total desert are is considered uninhabitable aside from expeditions of brave Annan-hae.


The modern Sultanate of Nephria was founded around 500EOM by the first sultan Nazir. Being the oldest of several tribal leaders, he brought together the nomadic peoples of the region in a plan to restore the ruins he found there. They rebuilt around the ruins of the ancient Nephropolis in what was originally called Lawarter. Some of the noble families still refer to it by this name.

The population of the Nephropolis began to explode, as the location near the largest port on the North Continent combined with the lax laws brough scores of immigrants to the great city.

The Annan-Hae tell tales of a time when they lived within the Nephropolis, but at some point in the distant past it was abandoned. Before this time, noon is sure. The Annan-Hae claim not to have built it, merely moving into it’s stone buildings.

Disifn was founded more recently, several hundred years ago.

Demographics and Economy

Nephria is the most populous nation on Erdea, due mainly to the over 1 million beings dwelling within the walls of the Nephropolis. It is difficult to track the demographic statistics within the great city, though the vast majority of its denizens seem to be human. No one knows exactly how many Ann-Hae make their way through the desert.

The economy in Nephria is almost entirely built on trade. People come from all over the world to buy and sell good in Nephria, and the Sultanate’s modest cut keeps the royal family wealthy and powerful.

Disifin has an economy based largely on the salt trade, as men constantly refill and harvest the salt flats.


The government is headed by a Sultan with absolute power, and staffed with a dense and corrupt bureaucracy. Robert The Moderate is the current sultan.


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