Kaerlendra is an island nation to the south-west of the continent of Aria. It is the fourth-largest island on Erdea. The country also includes a small island 24 miles across connected to the main island by a stone bridge.

Politically, Kaerlendra is divided between the Kingdom of Kaerlendra, (which covers just under five-sixths of the main island and all of the smaller island), the sea elf kingdom of Riutta, and an independent west coast (ruled largely by pirates and privateers). The population of the island is approximately 185,000.


Kaerlendra is a volcanic island with a lush tropical climate. The dominant feature is Mount JylinÀ, a massive dormant volcano rising 12,000 feet above sea level. Having been dormant for the last 4500 years, a rich rainforest habitat has spread around the island center. The rainforest is surrounded by rich grassy land that tapers off to sandy beaches.

The northern coast of the island is surrounded by a large coral reef, ehre the sea elf capital of Riutta is located.


Although the reefs had held sea elves for millenia, the island was first settled in the 2nd century EOM. A young Viridian noblewoman named Vyskinia founded a monastery for the worship of Valkiaon the smaller island. Rumor has it that she constructed the monastery on the site of an old library, but no one knows who or what had built it. She hired dwarf stonemasons to work the white volcanic stone, building a palace for herself near the monastery and beginning the construction of a small city called Jacedel nearby.

The island was at first mainly popluated by wealthy citizens from other parts of the world (attracted by the beautiful beaches and well planned city), but as the population began to grow she saw need to establish a true kingdom on the island. In 198 EOM the Kingdom of Kaerlendra was established, with Vyskinia as the head of state.

She established a matriarchal and theocratic society, based largely on the worship of Valkia. The church of Valkia would handle the law and security of the island, and once a Regent had reached old age or died, a new Regent was chosen from the ranks of the church. The new Regent is chosen through trial by ceremonial combat, in a ritual called the Shieldmeet. An large arena was built within the walls of the Shieldmaiden’s Armory, and there any priestess who wishes may participate. Each combatant makes a wooden shield, painted red, and they fight using the shield or their bare hands until one shield is broken. The last priestess standing becomes the new regent.

As the city grew in size, the wealthy aristocracy of Jacedel began to fear the growing middle and lower class population of their city. The Lady’s Guard were effective in preventing many crimes, but many of the citizens could not stand to be surrounded by slums. In 304 EOM the Regent Violette decreed that construction of a bridge begin, and a new city called Misenum was built across the channel from Jacedel. Property was sold for very cheeap prices to any who wished to move across the bridge, and some people were even forcefully relocated. The Lady’s Guard would not give up their mission, and redoubled recruiting efforts. Violette decreed that all first born female citizens of Misenum upon reaching 16 years of age must serve for 4 years in the Lady’s Guard, and this new large force was effective at reducing crime.

In the early 5th century EOM a group of mariners established a small colony on the western coast of the island. It was far enough away from the city that the Regent in Jacedel decided to refrain from disputing the territory- provided that the occupants of the city kept away from her harbor and away from Kaerlendran vessels.

In the 7th century the sea elves of Riutta established an embassy in Jacedel. They began a trade relationship, and established a series of mutual defense agreements. This relationship has proved beneficial to both parties, and the bonds between Riutta and Kaerlendra remain strong to this day.

The status of the island has remained largely unchanged since then, with the popluation growing at a slow but steady rate and the strong tradtions of the nation helping to maintain a peaceful order.

Demographics and Economy

Humans make up approximately 83% of the population of Kaerlendra, the majority of these are of Viridian and North Continent (mainly Inlingian or Lian descent). Sea Elves are the next largest popluation group at 14%, while the remaining races combine to make up 3% of the population.

Religious worship is largely centered around Valkia, but sizable congregations of Solculus and Ieolas also exist.

The economy of Kaerlendra is based on trade, farming of exotic produce, and tourism. Its climate makes it ideal for farming of fruits, many of which are in demand as delicacies in the wealthy kitchens of Erdea. There are also large sugarcane plantaions, and Pirate Town has the world’s largest maker of sugar (and therefore Rum).

The mild tropical weather along the south coast, combined with the spotless white sand beaches, draws wealthy citizens from other countries year round. Their spending makes up a sizable part of the economy, and as such they tend to be treated with the utmost care by the citizens of Jacedel and Misenum.

Jacedel remains signifcantly more wealthy on average than Misenum, largely by design. The class system present in Viridia is well established in Kaerlendra as well, and mobility between lower, middle, and upper class citizens is nearly nonexistent.


The current regent is Jacindrea, an imposing figure in Kaerlendran politics. She took power six years ago after the retirement of the elderly Rosa. Currently in her late 30’s, she has pushed a stance heavy on the security of the island. As Pirate Town has grown, the activities of it’s residents have become more and more brash. Recently there have been a few captured vessels near enough to royal waters that she has issued stern warnings to the current guild-heads. She has made no secret about preparing the Lady’s Guard for a possible confrontation.


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