Titles The Dark Lady, Sister of Shadow, The Dragon Queen,The Orc Mistress
Adjective Iracundian
Home Shadowhold, Surface of Kuu
Portfolio Evil, Shadow, Undead
Worshippers Orcs, Necromancers, Assassins
Alignment Lawful Evil
Domains Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil
Favored Weapon Flail

Iracundia is the Lawful Evil god of Evil and Shadow.


Iracundia has existed from the beginning of time in polar opposition to her brother Solculus. Originally they were merely sun and moon, opposing sides to the same coin. As soon as Solculus broke the pattern of existence and set his children to the work of creation on Erdea, Iracundia began to turn towards a darker and darker version of herself until she was past redemption.

She created Aigean and Etsijä, and also the Dragons and the orcs. Many of the monsters that prowl Erdea are also of her creation.


Iracundia is consumed with hatred for all the rest of the gods. Only her son Aigean has any sympathy for her.

Appearance and Emissaries

The Dark Lady appears as a fair skinned woman with waist length black hair, a single white stripe running down the right side. She has beautiful features but her burning red eyes strike fear into the hearts of all but the most courageous. She usually wears deep violet robes, but when ready for battle dons terrifying spiny armor made from the bones and scales of a black dragon, wielding her spiked flail Painshard.

Church of Aigean

Temples to Iracundia are exceedingly rare, as her worship is banned in most civilized parts of the world. Her cults meet in secret, and the results are often murderous.

Though she is the goddess of death she has no worship amongst those who take care of the dead, who instead tend to follow Solculus and focus on the redemptive positive energy of the sun god.

Worshippers and Clergy

Iracundian clerics are almost entirely female, with her male clergy tending to be antipaladins. There is a strict heirarchy of the Dark Clergy, and each Night Sister knows her place (while always looking to move up to the next slot). Rituals of the Dragon Queen often involve murder or sacrifice.

Orcish tribes revere Sister Shadow as their creator, and ask for her blessing in matters of war.

Necromancers and Assassins also look for Iracundia’s guidance in their work.

Holy Texts

Only one holy text exists for the Night Sisters, The Kirvarjo. Owning a copy of this book is punishable by death in most of the nations of Erdea.


Though there are no holidays in the worship of Iracundia, during the harvest festival of many human kingdoms the children have a custom of dressing up as ghoulish monsters during the full harvest moon, where they recieve treats from the youngest unmarried maiden of age, who is dressed as the dark lady and then “vanquished” in a play battle with a young man dressed as a paladin of Solculus.


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