Tag: Frontera Norte


  • Ögmundur Eriksson

    Ögmundur, son of Erik, grew up in Turuk in the Barakar clan. His father Erik, son of Erik, is one of the tribal elders. He is the youngest of 4 with three older brothers named Erik, Levi, and Ragnar. His mother died last winter. Growing up was difficult …

  • Toki

    I'm the conjurer of demons, I'm the father of your death. I bring forth the ancient evil, I control his every breath. I instigate your misfortune, With the birth of killing trolls. I awaken armageddon, Feeding on a thousand souls.

  • Nagajuna Patil

    The child of a traveling troupe of performing Vishkanya, Nagajuna was orphaned at age 12 when her caravan was raided by a pair of Yeti near Frontera Norte. Since then she has made a living in the remote town any way she can.