"Knowledge is the only currency that matters, and I intend to be the wealthiest being on Erdea before my time is done."


Gimerick’s appearance is fairly plain, he is an elderly man around 5’9", with a bald head and a thick grey goatee that is groomed to a point by his constant stroking. He wears dull, plain clothing with very little in the way of ornamentation. He usually carries no weapons. He is sometimes seen with a walking stick, sometimes not. He moves in a fluid manner that seems to not fit his advanced age.


Appearing wherever he seems needed and disappearing almost as quickly, Gimerick is a strange power throughout Erdean societies. Whenever kingdoms rise or fall, he seems to be there in some capactiy or another – acting usually in an indirect way.

His personalty is humorous to some, infuriating to others. He tends to only give exactly the amount of information he needs to at a given moment and no more. He acts unilaterally, ignoring the commands of kings and generals, though he shows no desire to usurp their seats of power. He is not greedy or boastful, but has a love of magical items surpassed by few in all the planes. He does not covet ownership of most of these items, but only to learn their magical secrets. Gimerick is above all, a man who lusts for knowledge.

Noone other than Gimerick himself knows how old he is, though beings of all the races tell tales of his visiting their grandparents and great-grandparents. These tales may be taken with a grain of salt, for as many fantastic feats as Gimerick has achieved, he has been given credit for many more that he has not.

In most towns of a sizable population, Gimerick will have a magic shop. Due to the relative rarity of magic users, on most continents other than Xish he will be the only game in town. He doesn’t man any of his stores full time, but will usually appear via magical means once a customers makes their presence known (usually via a bell). His stock tends to be nearly unlimited, and will also offer a “Grab Bag” where PCs can get a random magical item for a discount price.


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