That's the end of that
End of The Temple

We finally opened the big temple door. I was sorely disappointed at the lack of treasure inside the gigantic vault. The Sultan met an awkward and super painful death though. I can’t imagine having your spine pulled out of your body is very comfortable. Tal’Sheek’s brother, yet again, seem to be in some kind of trance and didn’t pay attention to what was happening around him until Tal’Sheek grabbed him and carried him out of there. From what I gathered, the things Tal’Sheek’s brother woke up said we came to the party too early and then proceeded to collapse the whole temple complex in with us inside. It was a miracle that all of us got out alive.
We sit here now at the Annan-hae outpost on the way to the Nephropolis with all the vendors, some royal guard, the porters, and one crying bitch Annan-hea. I’m totally going to destroy whatever notes he left there with, and he’s lucky I don’t kill him.


Oh yeah, River is apparently the new sultan and is totally hiding something in that scepter.

*Top Secret Plan #3*

With the completion of the life temple, we have now acquired all of the orbs to open the vault. I’m not sure what’s behind there, but I have a plan to deal with it. Nick_s_Plan.png
Using the orb of darkness and the lantern of light, we create a cone of light that shines into the door and darkens it for everyone not us. This should either funnel all the bad stuff into only us, or let us take all the loot and run away.

The only thing I’m worried about is Tal’Sheek. I think he wants to kill the sultan for some reason. I just want to get paid.


And this

The other monk also died.


End of the shadow temple
The death of Tal'Sheek

There we were, fighting these exploding cold shadowy things, when Tal’Sheek kills like 4 of them in one shot. Obviously, I dodged all the explosions. Tal’Sheek, on the other hand, took the brunt of the explosions to the face. Oh, and he died. The temptation to loot his body was…barely overcome. We carried him back to camp and began counting pocket change trying to scrounge up the grand that we needed. Turns out, we’re all broke. I’m sure he won’t be angry that we sold his belt. I wonder if he’ll even notice. His body is at the druid right now, undergoing some kind of ritual. I also brought his scorpion, as awkward as that was. We’ll see what happens.


Group Painting

I had totally forgotten that we commissioned that weird guy to do a painting of us. I think it came out alright.Erdea

The Desert of Almost Death
Some things aren't as funny as they seem.

After our joke of a trial, we met back up with Emryn who had apparently fallen into a “bromance” with a dwarf named Kalgor. I’m not sure what that is, but they do things that a male Halfling and Dwarf should not do together. Not long after we set sail to find Wallril’s father’s killer and Tal’Sheek’s brother, we were inconceivably attacked by pirates! You know, the pirates that we got kicked out of town and that all hated us now? Well it turns out that this creepy ship is even weirder! It can shoot lightning bolts from its ballistae. That totally surprised us and the other ship. I doubt that we will see pirates again anytime soon, but, if I were the admiral, I won’t be surprised when they show up with a flotilla.

We arrived in Disifin on the north continent sometime later. Wallril was told that “R” would be here. And he was. And he kindly folded Wallril in a carrying case for us. “R” gave him a note, which was apparently good enough, and we shipped out for Nephropolis, a short didtance north to find Tal’Sheek’s brother. And, yet again, I woke up to being arrested. I’m really getting tired of this. Back in Mithland, I was to be feared by all. Now I’m just some punching bag that people throw in jail because it gets them off. But I am moving up in the world, this time it was by a sultan.

Turns out, the sultan is working with Tal’Sheek’s dick of a brother, and the arrest was just to kidnap us. Why does everyone hate us? I will say that, when we set out into the desert, that guy spared no expense on the expedition. When we arrived at the ancient ruins that no one had come back out of, we set up camp in a room filled with doors and old writings. The dick went back to attempting to translate the writings and we set out through the only unlocked door.

After wading through some kobolds, we found this large winch thing that Kalgor and I could not move. Apparently, this made Kalgor sad because he and his “bro” went back to the camp to “rest”. The rest of us moved on and cleared out some more kobolds. Seriously, how did at least two groups of adventurers not clear this out already? And where is their loot?

Then we found the kobold shaman, and everything went wrong…
I thought there was four of him at first, but then the images disappeared as soon as we hit them. He also tried to stop us by putting some grease on the ground in front of us. Then I saw the most disturbing thing ever, two mites snowballing each other. I almost died looking at that abomination. Then I realized that dying from mites would be hilarious, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Then Allaren fell in the grease and couldn’t get back up. I laughed even harder! SOME people (Wallril) didn’t seem to find these things as funny as I did so he thought it would be a good idea to throw a fire bomb on me. That was NOT funny. It was so not funny that I got back up and cut that shaman in half. Who’s laughing now bitch!

We explored a little further and found a crazed barbarian kobold carrying some kind of rune hammer. After we killed him, we found out that the runes on the hammer could change the material that the hammer was made of. But, we decided to head back to camp and take a well-deserved rest.


A Perfectly Good Plan, Ruined

I knew once those adventurers arrived in Jacedel they would be trouble. “Heroes of Aria” and all. But never before had any meddling busybodies gotten the better of old Houston Westbeach Jr., and I was not about to let them start now.

I set a few of my men to tail them, and greased a few palms around town for information. Seemed they sailed into town on some old wizard’s magic ship, and were staying in the Rectory- the nicest joint in town (aside from the Westbeach Manor guest houses of course). They made the rounds for sure, and quickly. They hit the embassy, the Regency, the Guardhouse, a visit to Mr. Branson across the channel. They paid a visit to my chief partner and rival Admiral Scott. The Nephrian fellah even dropped by the monastery to snoop about something.

I assumed that both Branson and Scott would have made their own overtures to them for assistance towards our common goal. Then they went off into the jungle for Valkia knows what. Probably snagged a map from the greenskins. I thought perhaps their meddling was done- but it was not so. I heard reports they had been to Pirate Town, and the brewmaster at my distillery reported they were snooping around there. I knew then they would have to be dealt with one way or another.

That’s when I overheard some conversation with my men. Seemed a few of Scott’s seediest men were overheard bragging about a job they had done for Mr. R.

Saying anything to anyone about a job you did for R was hazardous for you health, but this trio were never the smartest pirates on the island. They funny part of their story however, was how lucky they must have been. They said they were tailing the fellah they wanted killed- and out of nowhere a few of the adventurers had showed up. They had jawed with the poor scab for a minute or two, then brained him and hid him in an alley. All the “hit squad” needed to do was gut the bastard and drop him in the harbor. Easiest money they had ever made.

I knew that this was my chance. I had my boys bring those three to the Manor and put the fear of the gods into ‘em. Told how their bragging was sure to get their throats slit (which weren’t far from the truth). Told em that good old benevolent Westbeach could fix it for em, and even put some coin in their pocket if they’d tell the law that they had seen those meddlers off the mercenary.

I had them rehearse their story, but man they were bad liars. No matter- our Lady Jacqueline had to be the dimmest Captain of the guard we have had in centuries. Those boys spread the tale far and wide, and it worked like a charm. Sure enough when those foreigners finally returned from their jungle jaunt they were locked up right quick.

I posted their bail and put some pressure on em. I figgered that it was a no lose situation for me now. Either I had em in my pocket and I could call off the witnesses, or they hung from Big Jackie’s gallows and the problem was solved permanent. Maybe I could even get the Admiral sent home in the process, and get that cushy job for mahself.

Just goes to show that a good business man has to be prepared for anything. Sure enough they outed the plan to the Regent and she moved on it. They started pushing our boys back to pirate town and quick. Problem was they also outed my part of it. Seems tavern owners weren’t too keen on paying quadruple for WB Rum, and I had mahself a minor customer rebellion. Took me quite a bit of gold to smooth over- and I decided it was best that I lay low on the plantation for a while and leave the manor house.

Even worse those meddling bastards got off on the murder charge. Seems those three idiots fell apart in front of the Regent and she let em go provided they don’t come back for a while. Even Big Jackie got sacked, and the prospect of a smarter Guard Captain doesn’t look good for business.

I don’t know where that whole crew is headed next- but I tell you this: Given the chance the Pirates of Pirate Town will make sure they regret crossing us.

That’s a PROMISE.

- The Fantastic Journal of the Illustrious Houston Westbeach Jr.
Elder’s Day, 5th day of Harvestmoon 2926 EOM

Pirate Town
The Investigation

We set off from the dragon’s cave towards Pirate Town. Along the way we found this half-elf fighting some kind of giant monkey. I’ve dealt with some monkeys before and I was quite glad this one did not throw its crap at us. After we killed it, we started talking to the woman that said her name was River and found out that she was also headed to Pirate Town, so we joined up.

We arrived at the town the next day and found it pretty much the way I expected it, but something wasn’t right. Wallril noted that the fire was alchemical, and I noticed that there was no loot in the burned buildings. When most towns get attacked by a dragon, they run away screaming and don’t take their stuff. Then, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, we watched the new girl have an in-depth “conversation” with a seagull. I think she’s crazier than I am.

Just as we were about to leave, I spotted smoke coming from a chimney in a large warehouse. We moved to investigate and found that ‘ol WB was still making rum here. The distillers were not happy to see us, so, to my disappointment, we just left.

As we arrived back in Misenum, the chief of the guard met us and totally arrested me, the gnome, and the cleric for a murder we didn’t commit. Don’t get me wrong, I take pride in killing things, but I don’t murder someone in cold blood in the middle of town in the middle of the day. That’s an amateur move. So, now we’re in jail and it’s up to Tal’Sheek, River, and Emryn to find out the truth and get us the hell out of here.


Arrival on Kaerlendra
The Volcano

So we set out for Kaerlendra on the creepy ghost ship with the demon staff with the hopes that we could destroy it. That old man better be right.

We made port in Misenum and quickly found out that the pirates from Pirate Town had moved in. Tal’Sheek quickly made for the library to look for his brother while the rest of us got rooms at an inn. The next day, Tal’Sheek went back to the monastery and we started looking for a guide and some information on the volcano. We found out that no one would actually take us there, but we did find a map and some basic information. We also found out that three different parties were vying for control of the town, the pirate admiral, an inn keeper, and a rum distiller. Oh, and Wallril found the guy that killed his father and I knocked his ass out. I’m fairly sure nobody saw us.

So we headed for the volcano to throw the staff in the next day. We made it there no problem and chucked the evil stick in. Then, nothing. Then, huge explosion! We were picked up by a fuck ass huge dragon made of stone or something at the last second.. I’m getting pretty fucking tired of all these dragons. The old crystal dragon made clear that he was old and ate rocks and that NONE of his treasure was for us.
It looks like we are headed for Pirate Town to investigate the “dragon attack” that may, or may not, have happened. Someone is going to pay us for this.


Sweet Victory

‘Twas early morning in the foul black marshes when the familiar “pop” of a teleportation spell signaled Gimerick’s return. He brought with him foul news, the adventurers had been ambushed, and now Nargothlien had all three pieces of the Scepter of Summoning. The adventurers themselves had traveled with him through the nether, and were ready to assault Blackmarsh Castle with us.

We marched through the muck and mire for the rest of the day, and I gave the command to stop before we got too close to the Dark Elf’s encampment. Night fell, and I brought the adventurers into my tent for a conference. I told them of the layout of the complex, from the scouting information that Gimerick had given us. We knew that above all we had to stop the summoning ritual.

Morning came, and we charged the embankments. The dwarf sappers made quick work of the earthen barriers, and we smashed the orc forces against the base of the ziggurat. They had hidden basilisks in the mud that emerged and petrified dozens of soldiers.

Before I could begin to ascend the ziggurat Inoxim the black dragon attacked. I called the adventurers to me, and while i focused Inoxim’s attentions on me they pummeled him, using some sort of magical arrows that Gimerick had given them. Once the dragon was slain we fought our way to the top of the ziggurat, where fiendish power cackled in the air.

Nargothlien had succeeded, and his father Niarlias has been summoned, though he was not yet fully in this world. The adventurers attacked, while I battled Nargothlien myself. He was a wily combatant, but his arts were more focused on evil magics than the ways of war. I overhwelmed him, driving him to the ground unconscious just as the others had forced the Demon Lord back into the Nine Hells.

I was racked with indecision, but on the advice of the group I slew the Dark Elf so that no chance of continued scheming remained. Gimerick returned, and enchanted my voice so that I might entreat the orcs to flee or lay down arms. We were successful, and the adventurers would return to Narwington with me, to be celebrated like the heroes they are.

I am saddened to release them from my service, for they have been invaluable in the trying months; but they have earned much more than freedom. Since the thaws of spring I have seen so many of my people slain by orcs and monsters called forth by the twisted half-fiend elf. I saw my Uncle Stron seduced by the dark powers of his minions, and seen my father slain on the field of battle by a man who he once called brother. I have been thrust from the simple duties of Prince into the grave responsibilites of King, and forced to lead an army into war. Throughout all of these trials and hardships, they have stood by me and stood by Aria.

Hassan Tal’Sheek, always bold and stern. He fought with the hardiness and courage that define his people, and brought the mystic wisdom of the earth to our fellowship.

Allaren, quiet in specch but strong in his faith. He brought the righteous wrath of Sarenrae to his foes and holy healing to his friends in time of need.

Tel’ Naikelea Gurtha, though we might not share the same moral compass, brought the trained eyes and blade of the Haiva to our party. We will miss his sword in Aria.

Emryn, small but courageous. He made his uncle proud, fit to stand amongst giants on the field of battle.

Wallril, though I knew him but a short time, rained bombs of alchemical fire on the dragon Inoxim when we needed him most. He proved his mettle to me this day.

They have earned our respect, and a place among the heroes of the kingdom. They will all be missed.

- King Ashton I of Aria
Sol’s Day, 3rd day of Deepsummer 2926 EOM


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