Titles The Shieldmaiden, She who Protects, Dwarfmother, Mistress of the Forge
Adjective Valkian
Home The Eternal Fortress, Plane of Earth
Portfolio Protection, Good, Earth, Dwarves
Worshippers Dwarves, Guards, Smiths, Soldiers
Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Good, Earth, Protection, Glory, Artifice
Favored Weapon Shield

Valkia is the Neutral Good goddess of Protection. She is the creator of blacksmithing and formed the dwarves from the earth in the early days of the world.


Valkia was created from the primordial soup by Solculus in the dawn of the world and was set to the task of creation. She commanded the Earth elementals in the time of the Ancients, and in the first peace caused by the advent of the Elves she created the Dwarves and taught them the art of smithing.


Valkia is the daughter/creation of Solculus, and the sister of Chaerlenda. She is a stern goddess, and her stubbornness is legendary amongst the gods- leading to more than one disagreement down through the generations.

Appearance and Emissaries

Valkia appears as a thickly muscled red-haired woman with fair skin and a stern expression. She is always dressed in plate mail armor, with a huge silvered shield on her right arm, polished to a mirror finish. She does not carry weapons, choosing instead to bash foes with her shield or with a guantleted fist.

Her emissaries are often earth elementals.

Church of Valkia

Valkia is revered by Dwarves all over Erdea, and by humans whose work involves protecting others. She often does not have large temples, but small shrines are more common. The few temples to the Shieldmaiden that do exist are simple, sturdy stone buildings, often situated near a smithy.

The two holy sites in Valkian religion are the Earthenhall in Druin, the center of the dwarven branch of the Valkian faith, and the Sheildmaiden’s Armory in Jacedel where the above-ground worship of Valkia is centered.

Worshippers and Clergy

Valkian clerics are sworn to protect any and all sentient beings within their power to protect. Valkian paladins may take this oath to deadly extremes. Valkian clergy are usually called Sheild-bearers, and wear red and white robes, often with the silver shield symbol of the Dwarfmother.

Holy Texts

Valkia worship has no holy text, the rituals involved in worship of the Mistress of the Forge are simple, and passed down by word of mouth.


Only one holiday celebrates the Shieldmaiden, Heroes’ Day on the 4th day of Brightmoon celebrates all who have sacrificed for the protection of others.


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