Titles Father of the Gods, Lord of the Sun
Adjective Solculan
Home Solar Palace, Surface of the Sun
Portfolio Law, Sun, Light, Good
Worshippers Kings, Judges, Lawyers, Farmers, Commoners
Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Law, Good, Healing, Sun, Glory, Nobility, Fire
Favored Weapon Morningstar

Solculus is the Lawful Good god of the Sun. Solculus was one of the first two gods, and reigns alone above them. He tends to be an aloof god, leaving most of the world’s affairs to the younger gods.


Solculus has reigned from the Solar Palace from the beginning of time. He formed Valkia and Chaerlenda from the primordial soup of Erdea and set them to the task of creation. He is the elder brother of Iracundia and sits in opposition to her.


Solculus maintains a lordly and distant relationship with all of the gods except his sister. He seldom leaves the Solar Palace to contact them directly, but has been known to elevate particularly chaste individuals to his servants and messengers.

He has been at war with Iracundia since the creation of Erdea when they set in motion the opposing forces of nature.

Appearance and Emissaries

Solculus appears as a tall, blond haired human man with glowing golden eyes. He sometimes wears golden armor, sometimes white robes. He carries his fiery glowing morningstar “The Light of Heaven” when dressed for battle.

His messengers are mostly Lantern Archons, or mortals he has elevated to be his avatar.

Church of Solculus

If a city has a single temple, it is usually to Solculus. Temples to the sun god often include shrines to the other gods (with the exception of Iracundia). The temples tend to be well lit at all hours of the day and night, with an eternally burning flame in the central hall. As Solculus so seldom reaches out to his worshipers directly the hierarchy is very loose, with regional leadership but no worldwide church leadership. The largest temple to Solculus is the Cathedral of Heavenly Light in the Nephropolis, which is often a destination for pilgrimages.

Worshippers and Clergy

The largest portion of Solculan clergy are clerics, though Paladins of Solculus are the most common paladins. Solculan clergy awake daily at dawn and perform their morning prayer ritual. The clergy wear white and gold and tend towards the ornate.

Holy Texts

The Codex del Sol is the holy book of Solculus.


The two holidays in the Solculan calendar are the Deepnight festival on the Winter Solstice and the Newsummer festival on the Summer Solstice.


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