Jacedel is the capital city of Kaerlendra, and the center of the Valkian faith. Located on the small Shield Island off the souther coast, it is the sister city to the more populous but poorer Misenum.


Jacedel was began as a monastery for the worship of Valkia in the 2nd century EOM by Vyskinia. A city soon developed around the monastery, and eventually expanded into what is now Misenum across the bridge.


The city center is located on the northeaster edge of Shield Island, and most of the buildings here are constructed of the white stone that the monastery was also built with. The Northcross district near the bridge is the main shopping area of town, while the regent’s palace, Riutta embassy, and the headquarters of the Lady’s Guard are near the west side of the city in the Capitol District.

The beach property along the protected north coast of the island is mostly private residences or expensive inns. Ships mainly arrive in Jacedel at the harbor on the northeast side, though the monastery has its own harbor.

The monastery and the Shieldmaiden’s armory dominates the western edge of the island.


Jacedel is under the direct control of the regent Jacindrea. Law enforcement and security is handled largely by the Lady’s Guard, although private guard firms often protect the wealthiest families.

The regent is also in charge of the monastery, though the day to day buisness is mainly handled by the senior clergy.

Demographics and Economy

Aside from the monastery and its approximately 7000 worshippers, the lives 36000 permanent residents of Jacedel are mainly centered around catering to the wealthy tourists. Nearly 500 sea elves also make their home in Jacedel, working in trade or for the embassy itself.


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