Frontera Norte

Frontera Norte is a small town in the north-most Rancia province of Inling, near the border with Turuk.

The town was built over 100 years ago as a trading post for deals with the roving Turuk hunting parties that traverse the area. The Duinvalka and Riddermann clans especially follow the Rio Azul to trade furs, fish or heavy Trebok horses with the Inlingians.

The town is centered around the old fort, which is made of heavy weln logs and stood for decades before the town existed. Inside the fort is a platoon of Inlingian soldiers 40 men strong, led by Commandante Rodrigo Lopez. The remainder of the town is surrounded by a 12 foot tall wooden palisade with two gates and contains around 400 citizens. Many of the buildings are made of wood, while others are a form of adobe made from the nearby river mud.

The climate of the area is cold, though for around 2 months at the peak of summer the ground here does thaw, creating the muddy environment that gives the town it’s nickname- “Fort Mud”. Food is either venison or fish, with grains and vegetables imported from the south.

The town has only one major inn and tavern, The Compound- a massive building near the south gate that also serves as a stables and a small horse farm. Tomas is the man who runs this large undertaking, and is one of the few men of power and stature in town aside from the military officers.

The officer’s club, a building near the fort, is open to the public- though soldiers on duty keep out any “undesirable guests”.

The majority of the town’s citizens are Inlingians, though from time to time the town may have dwarves from the mountains or Turuk tribesmen in residence.

Frontera Norte

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