A massive fish-hook used as a weapon.

weapon (melee)

Two-handed exotic melee weapon. Can do either bludgeoning or piercing damage.

Damage 2d6
Critical X3

Benefit: You can use a war hook to make trip attacks.

Weapon Feature(s): trip


The clerics of Iascari invented the warhook as a holy weapon, approximately 4 feet long and weighting in at 25 lbs the mighty may use the weapon with great effect.

New Feats

Warhook Mastery
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +3, Proficient with warhook.

You have mastered the use of the warhook. You may treat the warhook as a double weapon, using both bludgeoning and piercing attacks one of these may be a trip attack. You may also extend your balance using the hook eye to make a reach attack, although you take a -2 penalty to AC for the round. This reach attack may not be used as an attack of opportunity.


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