Nioldiori's Raiment

+1 Elven Chain


Aura Faint; CL 3; Weight 20 lbs.; Price 7,800 gp

This extremely light chainmail is made of very fine mithral links. This armor is treated, in all ways, like light armor, including when determining proficiency. The armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 20%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +4, and an armor check penalty of –2.

This armor also gives a +4 Diplomacy bonus when dealing with Elven Military.


Nioldiori was the admiral of the elven fleet during the Elfwar. He defeated the human Admiral Vascaro at the first Battle of the Bloodstraits. His long siege of Eastport was eventually successful and occupied it for more than 300 years serving as its governor. He retired to his estate on Mithland in 323EOM.

(This is where Brian adds how his armor got to the dragon.)

Nioldiori's Raiment

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