End of the shadow temple

The death of Tal'Sheek

There we were, fighting these exploding cold shadowy things, when Tal’Sheek kills like 4 of them in one shot. Obviously, I dodged all the explosions. Tal’Sheek, on the other hand, took the brunt of the explosions to the face. Oh, and he died. The temptation to loot his body was…barely overcome. We carried him back to camp and began counting pocket change trying to scrounge up the grand that we needed. Turns out, we’re all broke. I’m sure he won’t be angry that we sold his belt. I wonder if he’ll even notice. His body is at the druid right now, undergoing some kind of ritual. I also brought his scorpion, as awkward as that was. We’ll see what happens.



murphybrainz Nawtyit

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