Arrival on Kaerlendra

The Volcano

So we set out for Kaerlendra on the creepy ghost ship with the demon staff with the hopes that we could destroy it. That old man better be right.

We made port in Misenum and quickly found out that the pirates from Pirate Town had moved in. Tal’Sheek quickly made for the library to look for his brother while the rest of us got rooms at an inn. The next day, Tal’Sheek went back to the monastery and we started looking for a guide and some information on the volcano. We found out that no one would actually take us there, but we did find a map and some basic information. We also found out that three different parties were vying for control of the town, the pirate admiral, an inn keeper, and a rum distiller. Oh, and Wallril found the guy that killed his father and I knocked his ass out. I’m fairly sure nobody saw us.

So we headed for the volcano to throw the staff in the next day. We made it there no problem and chucked the evil stick in. Then, nothing. Then, huge explosion! We were picked up by a fuck ass huge dragon made of stone or something at the last second.. I’m getting pretty fucking tired of all these dragons. The old crystal dragon made clear that he was old and ate rocks and that NONE of his treasure was for us.
It looks like we are headed for Pirate Town to investigate the “dragon attack” that may, or may not, have happened. Someone is going to pay us for this.



murphybrainz Nawtyit

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